Overview of EU Britizens


Who are we?

EU BRITIZENS is a very concerned group of UK British passport holders, resident in the 27 remaining countries of the European Union (EU). We have put ourselves forward, as an Association registered under French law, in support of two French lawyers, seeking to regain EU Citizenship, for British residents.

In doing this, as volunteers, we seek to represent the interests of some 1.4 MILLION British people, who as a result of Brexit, have lost many rights, including Freedom of Movement (across the borders of EU countries and in/out of Europe, rights to study & research and to have professional qualifications recognised again. There is an ongoing issue about use of British driving licences in the EU, which it is hoped will be resolved soon.

What are we doing?

EU Britizens is supporting the legal case, coming before the EU Courts of Justice, later this year. Our legal team, working pro bono, are presenting two parallel cases, both British ladies, Mmes Bouilliez and Strawson respectively resident in France and Belgium, where local courts have passed their respective cases, to the ECJ/CJUE, as being above their jurisdiction. Mme Alice Bouilliez is currently President of our Association. For other key personalities, see the website: www.eubritizens.eu

It is emphasised that this is a legal and not a political case. It does not seek to contest the results of Brexit, except insofar as the 1.4 million residents have lost their right to vote and any access to elected representatives, in their countries of residence. In many cases, under the British so-called “15-year rule”, such residents have also lost their right to vote, in the UK and access to norms of democracy; and are thus effectively disenfranchised and “stateless”.

Such loss of rights and status is effectively in breach of the Maastricht Treaty, of which the UK remains a signatory. 

The Legal Angle

In legalese this may be summed up, as follows:

The General Court of the EU admits the WA does not explicitly provide for the loss of EU Citizenship, but neither does the Agreement maintain EU Citizenship. So it’s not a loss, but a “not maintained”!

It is the informed opinion of several observers, that this closely defined legal approach has a very good chance of succeeding, so please help us to help you! While we have a certain amount of self-interest, we are also volunteers working for YOU.

The “Nuts and Bolts”

Our Association is registered under French law, as most of us live in France and the legal team is French, but we stand for ALL UK Citizens, currently resident in the EU. Later, if successful, we may be able to address other associated issues, such as secondary homes, but first things first.

As legally registered, our Articles of Association can be found at: ……………………………

We have now established a NEW Crowdfunder, (to differentiate from the funds gathered elsewhere - not by EU Britizens, for the Harry Schindler case). See new site, below, which goes towards funding the vital administrative legal costs of our pro bono team of lawyers, (for example external specialist lawyers, providing research & opinions of fact):


Donations from the Crowdfunder, sponsored by ‘Hello Asso’, are drawn down to the Association bank accounts and audited to settle submitted bills, from the Legal team, for costs, as above. These accounts are monitored by the full Board of EU Britizens, under the French law of 1901 (sous le loi 1901), which refers to ALL associations.

Our President, Alice Bouiliez, says:

At EU Britizens we undertake the task of trying to alleviate the negative effects of a badly thought-out partition of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, from the European Union. We are doing this in the most effective ways that we have at our disposal. 

We are extremely lucky to have Maitre Julien Fouchet working for us on a PRO BONO basis, as well as Maitre Jean Noel Caubet-Hilloutou. There are however ancilliary, logistic and administrative costs that need to be funded.

Our priority is to see the case C-673/20 to a positive conclusion in the European Court of Justice. Depending on the result, we will then have further objectives to publish: concerning people who feel that they have also ‘been left out to dry’.

As a group we are determined to work with people from other groups and enterprises and to be of help where we can. Together we can and will ‘move mountains’. 

Yours sincerely, Alice Bouilliez

President EU Britizens

Where Next?

Given the high possibility of success, in this closely defined legal matter, we are optimistic that, should the EC Courts decide in our favour, then the matter must be referred to the EU Parliament, for a decision on how the ruling can and should be implemented. The obvious course of action would be to grant EU Citizenship again, to those who can demonstrate residence in the EU 27 countries and possessing some form of proof, as such, probably a Carte de Séjour, or similar.  

In conjunction with this decision, any reference to Article 50, on current residential cards would be struck out and it might be that a national identity card would be issued, to run in parallel with British passports. Otherwise, or in addition, a permanent stamp might be provided for British passports, a form of “laissez passer”, enabling Freedom of Movement, etc, again. This would be a relatively simple administrative matter, but would rest with the EU Parliament.

The “Pluses and Minuses”

Minuses. Some including the British government, may have sighed with relief, that the “oven ready” Brexit is finally done and dusted. This in spite of leaving 1.4 million British passport holders, out in the cold in the EU, for some FIVE years. During this time, government departments and ministers have had to wrestle with and play catch-up on a multitude of issues, affected by the disenfranchisement of so many people, on top of quarrelling about the N Ireland border, farming, fishing, refugees and policing matters (the list is almost endless). Embassies have been overwhelmed with complaints and queries and the resulting furore has not reflected well on the British reputation for democracy, efficiency, sound administration and fair play.

To park nearly one and a half MILLION British citizens, in some form of railway siding, has been convenient, for the UK Government, but with so many angry, upset citizens, to reverse or regularise this situation will involve a certain amount of administration, for host countries. Conversely, having to deal with people driving illegally, people calling on social services for help, failing to pay taxes, due to misunderstanding or ignorance, etc, will also impose a penalty, on respective states. We have already seen the French driving licence authority buckle under the strain; and it is understood at this date (June 2021), that tens of thousands of British citizens in France (to take one example) have still to reapply for a Carte de Séjour for legal residence.

Pluses. On the plus side, granting EU Citizenship again would involve a short, sharp information campaign and a decision in the EU Parliament, to accept that the 1.4 million “Brits” never left and are making a contribution in tax, to respective States. There is a ready parallel, in the acceptance of Germany, in taking one million working “refugees”; which has largely been regarded as highly successful.

Such an acceptance also removes, at a stroke, the ‘burr under the saddle’ for the EU and its administrative machinery, of hosting a large number of unhappy residents. It also assuages the guilt of the UK government, which has left its own far flung passport holders ‘out in the cold’ for five years; and thus avoids a vast legal wrangle, petitions and the possible impact of large numbers flooding back to further overload British hospitals, residential homes and social benefits.

Your Support Matters!

At a time when you are being besieged by parochial interest groups, the EU Britizens cause is one which affects an enormous number of people, not just all of us, but also our families and friends.

Please, give what you can, spread the word and encourage others to help.  

EUBritizens - Association sous la loi 1901 (association under the {French} law 1901)

Website : www.eubritizens.eu

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eubritizens and @eubritizens

Facebook: EUBritizens https://www.facebook.com/groups/1093014314097180

Crowdfunder: https://www.helloasso.com/associations/eu%20britizens/collectes/eubritizens-reclaiming-eu-citizenship-via-ecj-legal-cases