UK warns US of retaliation over steel tariffs

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UK warns US of retaliation over steel tariffs

The International Trade Secretary, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, has warned the US the UK could step up retaliatory measures if punitive tariffs on UK steel exports are not lifted soon.

She has been in the US for talks with the Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo.

On her return, Ms Trevelyan said "we had a very frank conversation".

"I was very clear that the pressures we are under to use countervailing measures if we can't solve the problem are becoming more acute," she said.

Ms Trevelyan said she had invited Ms Raimondo to London for further talks on the issue in January. But by then, UK companies will be at a competitive disadvantage compared to companies based in the EU.

"I am very keen that we solve this with what is our closest ally in the US through a positive removal" of the tariffs, Ms Trevelyan said.

She said that resolving the dispute would benefit workers and businesses on both sides of the Atlantic.