Who Are We?

EU BRITIZENS are a concerned group of UK British passport holders, who are resident in the 27 remaining countries of the European Union (EU). We have put ourselves forward, as an Association registered under French law, in support of two French lawyers, seeking to regain EU Citizenship, for ALL British residents.

As volunteers, we seek to represent the interests of some 1.4 MILLION British people, who as a result of Brexit, have lost many rights, including Freedom of Movement, the rights to work / study / research, and the recognition of  professional qualifications. 


We are in touch with many of you on Facebook and Twitter. We have also, with the lawyers, commissioned a survey, which received some 500 replies, outlining all the ways in which you have been affected, in losing your previous status, as an EU Citizen.

You have effectively been disenfranchised and cut off from your democratic and Human Rights. We aim to win these back for you.

You are encouraged to contact us and your views will be reflected, in our submission to the Judges hearing the Case

What are we doing?

EU Britizens is supporting the legal case, coming before the EU Courts of Justice, later this year. Our legal team, working pro bono, are presenting two parallel cases, both British ladies, Mmes Bouilliez and Strawson respectively resident in France and Belgium, where local courts have passed their respective cases, to the ECJ/CJUE, as being beyond their jurisdiction. Mme Alice Bouilliez is currently President of our Association. For other key personalities, see ….


A Dedicated Team

The small group of dedicated British members of the Association are working constantly in your interests. We are unpaid volunteers and we seek to listen to and learn about your views and problems.

Meanwhile the Legal team of Maitre Julien Fouchet, famous for his support of 100 year old Harry Schindler, aided by Maitre Jean-Noël Caubet-Hilloutou, both working pro-bono and assisted by a small legal team, (that we need to fund), are forging a persuasive case that has already won through two National Courts.

In short the lawyers and the Association of EU Britizens are seeking to persuade the judges that an injustice has been incurred by ALL of us,through no fault of our own, in that we came to live in the EU, in the expectation of continuing to do so, while abiding in our respective local communities and in most cases, paying local & national taxes. It is contrary to the Maastricht Treaty and it infringes our Human Rights and offends the EU concept of Citizenship which should therefore be restored for all those with proven residential status.

Europe at night

Legal, Not Political

It is emphasised that this is a legal and not a political case. It does not seek to contest the results of Brexit, except insofar as the 1.4 million residents have lost their right to vote and any access to elected representatives, in their countries of residence. In many cases, under the British so-called “15 year rule”, such residents have lost their right to vote and access to norms of democracy and are thus effectively disenfranchised and “stateless”.

Such loss of rights and status is effectively in breach of the Maastricht Treaty, of which the UK remains a signatory.


Not a Battle of Wills

There will be those who seek to make this a battle of wills, post Brexit. We are not interested here, in doing so. Our case is purely a legal one, revolving around loss of human rights & privileges, through an act that was done to us, without our consent and in many cases, without being consulted or able to vote on the matter. This is wrong and unfair.

To add insult to injury, we now cannot take part in the democratic processes of the host nations, in which we have settled; and we have no access to democratically elected representatives, who might speak for us and defend our freedoms.

There is talk, in the U.K. of amending the so-called 15 year rule, on U.K. voting, but this remains a political proposal. As they say, we will believe it, when we see it!


Get Involved

One and a half million people is a significant movement, if we all work together. For example there are several hundred thousand in Spain, many represented by our sister organisation “@BremainInSpain” and France contains about 173,000. You can play your part in this, no matter how few are around you. Send us photos, messages, videos (short) representing your views.

Send us news cuttings, from your local or national newspapers: it would be appreciated if you can provide a short summary/précis in English and we will put them up on the website.

If you want a full Summary of our work, go to: “Articles” on the upper strap line, next to the Home button. Feel free to copy this on.

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